Looking to Rent a Room?

Take the dirty work off your hands and let us help you find the perfect person to rent your room. We handle all the searching, interviewing, and screenings so that you can continue with life as usual until we've found a match.

The Interview Process

Our informal interview will help us determine the exact type of roommate you are looking for. Once we have a match for your room for rent, we contact you and tell you all about the person. Our screening program focuses on integrity, reliability and responsibility of all applicants. References are required and checked thoroughly.

Once We've Found a Match

We provide you with a selection of people looking rooms for rent according to your requirements. You have the option of selecting or rejecting each referral. We provide you with as many referrals as you need until you have a renter who satisfies your prerequisits.

We Guarantee Our Service

If for whatever reason the renter does not work out within the first 60 days, we will continue to provide you with more renters at no additional cost. You really have nothing to lose. If you have rooms for rent and are looking for a roommate, call us today!

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